Psychoanalysis, writes Freud, is "an art of interpretation"
American Imago 55.4 (1998) 459-482

Imago-X brings the language of psychoanalytic discourse alongside that of art practice. It offers a place of contemplation that considers the art of psychoanalytic practice—its discourse, theories and research—being more alined with that of the artist in—practice, as a form of (re)searching in the making and remaking of the artefact.

This sixteen page broadsheet newspaper that offers dialogue in the arts—in its broadest sense—though the filter of psychoanalytic thought. I believe this is the only periodical of its kind. Being image led it would, I feel compliment the more academic language of the written word in the world of psychoanalytic research. Content would be paintings and interpretations, lens-based art, essays, poetry, interviews of artists by psychoanalysts, psychoanalysts interviewed by artists. Film critique & interviews.

This first issue titled 'Say Hello To The Non-Thing' and will be launched mid-September 2019.