Cover—Felt (2012) © G. L. Brierley
Lead Essay—Almost There by © Martin Herbert 2012

Felt (2012) © G. L. Brierley

‘When I am beset by abjection, the twisted braid of affects and thoughts I call by such a name does not have, properly speaking, a definable object. The abject is not an ob-ject facing me, which I name or imagine. Nor is it an ob-jest, an otherness ceaselessly fleeing in a systematic quest of desire. What is abject is not my correlative, which, providing me with someone or something else as support, would allow me to be more or less detached and autonomous. The abject has only one quality of the object – that of being opposed to I. ‘
(Julia Kristeva, “Powers of Horror”, 1982)

This sixteen page broadsheet newspaper that offers dialogue in the arts —in its broadest sense—though the filter of psychoanalytic thought. I believe this is the only periodical of its kind. Being image led it would, I feel compliment the more academic language of the written word in the world of psychoanalytic research. Content would be paintings and interpretations, lens-based art, essays, poetry, interviews of artists by psychoanalysts, psychoanalysts interviewed by artists. Film critique & interviews. This first issue titled 'Say Hello To The Non-Thing' and will be launched mid-September 2019.